How often should you have your roller doors Serviced/Repaired?


Roller doors are constructed of multiple slats that interlock with one another in order to form a hinge along the entire edge of the door. This is so that the door will easily roll up or unroll when it is being closed or opened. Guides and locks prevent the roller door from moving to the side. The door is comprised of many elements which could get damaged over time. It is a good idea to have your roller doors serviced at times.

Repairs are Important

Having your roller doors serviced gives them a longer lifespan and allows them to continue working efficiently. It is also the cost-effective choice as replacing a door would be more expensive in the long run. If roller shutter doors are not serviced, they could potentially become a safety risk.

When to Service

Depending on the kind of door that you have and the frequency of its use, the necessary roller door service schedule may differ. A door that is used frequently should be repaired at last twice a year to continue performing and to keep individuals out of harm’s way. A door that is used infrequently will not need to be serviced as often. It would probably only need to be repaired every three or four years. Although, no matter the door you have, having your roller doors serviced should not be an afterthought.

Repairs are also required if the door is damaged. If the slats are bent, the door will not be able to roll up and forcing it to do so would be hazardous. It would be wise to have the door repaired by a professional. MSD Roller Doors are the top choice when it comes to having your roller doors serviced.

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