Steel Doors & Palisade Fencing


Section Steel Door model 424 are designed for heavy-duty use in a variety of commercial and industrial applications. This door features a 2″ (51 mm) panel thickness, 16-gauge steel intermediate and end stiles, ribbed steel exterior and a white paint finish. The Model 424 is available in sizes up to 30´2″ (9195 mm) in width and 24´1″ (7341 mm) in height, and is also available in Industrial Brown. Numerous options including weather stripping, reinforced struts, movable centre posts and motor operation allow these heavy-duty doors to meet nearly any project requirements.


Steel construction has so many advantages: the strength to weight ratio is excellent, metals join easily, efficient shapes are available, etc. With those advantages, though, come some challenges that are best solved by a good understanding of how the metals actually perform in a structure.

For most larger buildings, metals are a key element of the structural system. Steel beams and columns, steel joists, steel studs, aluminium framing are a few examples of metal construction. A wise Superintendent understands not only how to erect the structure, but also the basics of how the structural system works and the ways in which it fails.

The Kansas City Hyatt Hotel structure spectacularly failed a few years ago, with a suspended walkway crashing to the ground. Many people were hurt and killed. The cause was traced to what seemed to be a minor change made during construction. This minor change, however, was structurally significant, increasing the shear stress well beyond design limit



  • 60x30x2-2.5mm Slotted Channels are used for the Crosses.
  • 40x40x2-2.5-3mm Hot Rolled Angles are used for the Palisade Palings. (Devils Fork, Industrial, Domestic and 7-spike)
  • 25x25x2-2.5-3mm Hot Rolled Angles. (Devils Fork only) 30x30x2-2.5-3mm Hot Rolled Angles (Devils Fork and Industrial Spikes only)

Spike Type

  • Industrial 7-Spike Domestic Devils Fork

Palisade Poles

  • 76x76x1.6mm Hot Rolled Tubes are used for the Palisade Poles. Palisade Pole Caps are manufactured to fit.


  • Panels are now available. Ease of assembly.
  • Suited for DIY market.
  • Stronger and more durable product. Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Competitive pricing
  • Different sizes for various applications


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