What are the Advantages of Palisade Fencing?

With the ever-increasing crime rate in South Africa, homeowners are doing everything not only to protect their possessions but to protect their homes as well. From installing state-of-the-art alarm systems and beams to the type of fencing around their property. From  full or partial installation, there are so many other benefits to installing palisade fencing.

Installing palisade fencing reduces the temptation of unwanted people accessing your property. This will create a sense of calm and safety, and a barrier from potential threats. as palisade fencing allows you to see what is happening beyond your boundary wall, you will be alerted if somebody is trying to access your property.


The Durability of the Palisade Fencing

As all materials used are SAB approved, you are assured of high quality palisade fencing. This refers to the fence finishes too. Has the fence been galvanized and epoxy coated? What will be done to protect your fence from rust? Palisade fencing has a long lifespan if the correct manufacturing processes and procedures have been followed. The same goes for the bolts which are used to erect the fence.


Palisade Fencing Maintenance

When it comes to the maintenance of the actual fencing, you only need to inspect for loose bolts and screws. The opposite can be said to maintaining a boundary wall, as these regularly develop cracks, you’ll need to conduct maintenance on your boundary wall at least once every 6 months to a year.


Quick to Install

Palisade fencing takes a quicker turnaround time when it comes to installation as opposed to a boundary wall, where you’ll require to submit plans to the city municipality for approval before you can commence construction.

Once you have completed a site inspection with an industry professional, palisade fencing can be used to secure just about any structure. Size and shape is no challenge for palisade fencing.

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